Awesome other writing-related sites and blogs that are worth checking out (in alphabetical order by last name) (and no, none of these people are asking me to put this here):

Julia Byers (

Julia Byers is the founder of the Chapter One Young Writers Conference, which is pretty cool, and she went to my university! She posts a lot on her blog about writing-related techniques and triumphs.

Charlotte Jones (

Charlotte is a really good friend of mine from high school who recently published her first novel, Shining Shira. She blogs about writing and life in general on her website. Charlotte’s stories always make me smile, so I’d definitely recommend checking out her blog posts.

Sam J. Miller (

Just another writer I really like! Really cool if you’re into science fiction, fantasy, horror, or anything else in that sort of realm.

Alyssa Wong (

Alyssa Wong is a terrific writer of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. I came across her story “The Fisher Queen” earlier this year and loved it, and all of her writing is linked from her site under the Bibliography section!

And as for things that are non-writing-related but still very cool, I highly recommend checking out the Instagram account @streetesteats if you’re at all into witnessing some straight-up dank veganism.